Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free Menus


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Snuffin’s Catering Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free Menus:

Vegetarian menus:  Protein sources for vegetarian menus come mainly from cheese, beans and soy products.  Including these elements in your menu choices will ensure the dinner menu will be balanced and nutritious as well as delicious! Many families that prefer vegetarian menus choose to offer their guests a meat choice in addition to the vegetarian dishes.

By including a chicken dish or fresh salmon on the buffet, you can please all your guests. Because we provide a free, printed menu card on each guest table, your guests will be informed about what options are offered for the meal. We are always happy to label foods on our buffets if there is a particular concern about ingredients.

Vegan menus need to be carefully crafted to avoid any meat or dairy ingredients.  As we prepare vegan menus, we always check ingredient labels and use separate preparation areas in our kitchen.  Whenever possible, we use fresh ingredients from local sources.

Gluten-Free menus are also available upon request.  We take your health concerns very seriously and double-check all ingredients to be certain they are appropriate for your dietary needs.

We also can accommodate allergy specific menu items.  Our planners will work closely with Chef Brian to insure care will be taken to avoid possible reactions.

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  • vegetarian plated dinner
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  • vegan salad
  • vegetarian buffet dinner

Menu pricing is based on 100 guests