Current Information Re: COVID-19

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

As per Governor Inslee’s directions, Snuffin’s Catering will suspend daily business operations until the current crisis is over.  Our kitchen is closed for now.  Any remaining fresh products will be donated to our local food bank.

Our office will continue to be monitored from home. Both email and phone will be checked regularly.

The best way to contact us will be via   If you have a pressing question, you may call 253-318-0125 and Annie will reply promptly.

Our goal is to practice all safety requirements to keep our staff healthy, conserve resources and be ready to resume business when the crisis is past.  Our staff is on standby status so they will retain their jobs and be ready to again serve our valued clients when the time is right.

Please, please,  practice social distancing, wash your hands frequently, sanitize areas touched by others, help neighbors and friends and stay at home if you can.

We appreciate your understanding and continued support in this difficult time for our State and Country.

Thank you from the Snuffin’s Catering Team!